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Houghto-Quench K:

This is a parks 50 equivalent oil.  Sold in 1 gallon plastic jug.

  • Fast cooling rate ininitial stage of quenching: Maximum metallurgical and physical properties
  • Minimal drag-out of quenching oil: Less smoke and makeup required
  • Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability: elimination of waste due to quench oil degradation
  • 7-9 second oil
  • Flash point at 345 F

Houghto-Quench K is an accelerated quenching oil suitable for use at temperatures up to 180°F (82°C). It is based upon specialty solvent refined paraffinic base oil to minimize oxidation and ensure consistent performance under the most arduous of operating conditions. A carefully formulated additive package is incorporated into Houghto-Quench K to reduce the duration of the vapor blanket cooling stage and provide accelerated quenching characteristics, together with excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability.


Data sheet here