CPM Cruwear Steel

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*Bars are sold by the foot.* This steel as with all CPM steels are made in 3ft lengths. For a single 3ft bar put the a quantity of 3. A quantity of 1 is for a 1 foot bar.*

CPM Cruwear

CPM CRU-WEAR is an air-hardening tool steel, heat treatable to HRC 60-65. Designed as an CPM upgrade to conventional Cru-Wear and D2, it offers better wear resistance, much greater toughness and higher attainable hardness.

Both D2 and CPM CRU-WEAR contain carbides for wear resistance, but CPM CRU-WEAR has more vanadium carbides than D2. Vanadium carbides are harder than chromium carbides and are much more effective in providing wear resistance. CPM CRUWEAR’s higher attainable hardness results from the fact that it contains sufficient tungsten and molybdenum to cause a secondary hardening response, (up to HRC 65), which does not occur in D2.

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