26C3 Steel

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**This steel comes to us as 2' bars. A quantity of 1 is for 1 foot, a quantity of 2 is for a full 2 foot bar. A quantity of 3 will be a 2' bar and a 1' bar, a quantity of 4 will be 2 x 2 foot bars etc. ** 

26C3 is a high carbon, very clean, fine-grained steel capable of high hardness and holding very fine edges, making this steel suited to kitchen knives, razors etc where extreme wear resistance is not always needed.

Excellent for Hamons, and high hardness applications. 

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5.9" wide is only available in .118" thick

Heat Treatment:

Heat to 1475F Hold for 10 minutes

Water or Fast Oil Quench (Houghto-Quench K)

Temper for two hours at 300F for 65HRc 

Temper for two hours at 350F for 64HRc