A-2 Steel

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*Steel Cutting Note*

*Steel is sold by the foot*(EX: A quantity of 3 is for a single 3 foot bar.) we receive the bars in 4 foot lengths (CPM, O-1, A-2 steels are 3 foot) Please provide cutting instructions in the shopping cart left of the total price in the box "Special instructions for seller". Anything over 3 feet will cost extra for shipping and will be cut. If you do not provide specific cutting instructions and order more then 4 feet, bars will be cut in half. CPM, O-1, A-2 steels will come in uncut 3 foot lengths if full bars are ordered (3,6,9 feet etc.) Example: An order quantity of 8 in 1095 .125"x 2" will result in four 2 foot bars. 7 foot order will have two 2 footers and a 3 footer. Please comment/ contact to change.*

Info about A-2 from manufacturer. 

"Very few steels carry the name and legacy of A-2 tool steel; it is a versatile, air hardening; and characterized by good toughness and excellent non-deforming properties in heat treatment.

A-2 is intermediate in wear resistance compared by many experienced, seasoned pros as being somewhat between O-1 and D-2.

Its effective combination of strength and toughness means guaranteed performance at an affordable price and immediate steel name recognition.

NJSB A2 works like a 1% carbon and arrives full annealed to 12/22Rc, but, when heat treated, will easily pull as high as 62Rc.

With a long outstanding history, when looking for a classic air hardening tool steel, A2 is a winner time and again, year after year."


Heat treat info here.