UltreX™ G-10 - 1/4" Red/Black Layered

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UltreX™ G-10 by Norplex

1/4" thick, 1.5"x6, 2"x6" sold as a pair. 

Sizes are approximate, as they are cut from large sheets.

The highest quality G-10 available, made in the USA!

G-10 was originally an industrial material. It has proved its toughness and durability in challenging electrical and mechanical device applications. Built from durable fiberglass and epoxy resin, and formed under high temperature and pressure, G-10 is unlike other polymers — it will not melt. G-10 is also resistant to temperature and is extremely lightweight. It is a rugged, resilient, reliable material suitable for a variety of uses, including aesthetic ones. While G-10 is similar to other products/materials such as Micarta and carbon fiber, the primary difference is G-10 uses glass fibers.

Ultrex G10