Kydex Sheath making Foam - Xtreme Form 12" x 12" x 1"

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Xtreme Form thermoform molding foam is a newly developed Sheath and Holster making product from HOLSTEX™, Inc. This molding foam has been specifically engineered for use in press molding sheet materials like KYDEX™, HOLSTEX™ and Boltaron™. Made from a proprietary Neoprene formula, this molding foam produces the best forming detail of any product on the market. As well as producing the finest surface detail, it was specifically formulated for the best overall durability and has the least memory of any product we've ever tested. Forget other foams being marketed as Neoprene, Xtreme Form is the pinnacle of forming foam products and produces the best results in all press-form applications.

We recommend Xtreme Form molding foam for use in CKK sheath/holster molding presses, as well as for use in professional custom shop pressing appliances. If you want a superior molding effect, Xtreme Form is the top of the class for thermoform molding applications.

HOLSTEX™ Molding Foam - (Xtreme Form)
Thickness: 1" inch
Width: 12" inches
Length: 12" inches
Color: Black
Molding Detail: Very Best