HOLSTEX™ .060" x 12" x 24" (Carbon Fiber/Tactical)

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Carbon fiber weave on one side with textured matte finish on the other side. Works just like Kydex. (Armor Black)

Thickness: .060"

Length: 24"

Width: 12"

HOLSTEX™ is the world's only thermoform sheet material that offers a dual-side texture finish as a standard option (see images). This insures ultimate formability, as the texture is uniformly visible from any angle in the final formed object. No other material offers this standard feature, effectively doubling the application potential of the material.

HOLSTEX™ colors and texture finishes were created to offer maximum appeal and usability. Offering industry standard scratch resistance and uniform dual-side texture coverage, HOLSTEX™ is available in colors and patterns that are both unique and exclusive to this product line. HOLSTEX™ resists scratching better than any competitive material, yet it is not hard or inflexible. This performance advancement extends the attractiveness and life of this product well past other thermoform sheet materials, making it the clear choice for professional thermoform artists who sell their formed goods.

*Must use .060" eyelets* longer eyelets will be to long.

Thinner thickness for snappy fitting. It will be more flexible.  See other listings for eyelets, Chicago screws, tools, washers etc.