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The salt bath heat treat process involves immersing your steel blade, firearm component or work piece into a bath of molten salts. Once immersed, the work piece quickly reaches the proper hardening temperature.

The work is then allowed to soak in this molten bath for the amount of time you desire. Once the soak is completed the work is pulled for further quenching and processing.

The salt bath process provides an oxygen-free environment so there's no need to wrap blades and temperature distribution around the work piece is phenomenal.


The Salt Bath 709 with it's relatively shallow depth of 9" was designed for the folder knife maker but is equally at home for any short steels.

7" Wide x 7" Long x 9" Deep

120V, 18A, 2160W

2000°F Maximum Temperature


The Salt Bath 718 allows for salt pots up to 5" OD and operates from a very friendly 240V, 20A circuit.

7" Wide x 7" Long x 18" Deep

240V, 18A, 4320W

2000°F Maximum Temperature


The Salt Bath 818 is our best selling salt bath model. It will take up to a 6" OD pot.

8" Wide x 8" Long x 18" Deep

240V, 30A, 7200W

2000°F Maximum Temperature

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 WARNING: While the salt bath process offers advantages it does come with some hazards, notably the possibility of the molten salts erupting from the salt pot (vessel that contains the molten salt). This creates a burn and fire hazard as well as risk of personal injury or death. Before committing to salt bath heat treating be aware of these potential hazards. For detailed information on this and other risks and hazards of salt bath use please click on the Manuals link on this page and read the manual.