Corby Bolts Brass .156 HD x .120 SD x .9 L

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These are Corby Bolts. They are used for knife handle fasteners. With this design, you will create a step hole in your handle material that is slightly larger than the shank of the fastener. The two-part assembly allows for you to pass the shank precisely through your knife tang hole and handle material, allowing the larger radius of the Corby Bolt heads to create a pinch point on both sides of the handle material, where it can then be tightened down to a secure hold. Once the bolt has been tightened, it can be sanded to a flush finish with the handle surface. This will result in a smooth, pin-like visual effect on the final knife handle. When used with epoxy and/or thread-locker adhesive, they will create a permanent handle bond.

Sold individually.

Head Diameter = .156 in. (ea.)
Head Length = .250 in. (ea.)
Shank Diameter = .119 in.
Shank Length = .340 in.
Overall Length (min) = (.90 in)
Overall Length (max) = (1.1 in)
Thread = US 2-56
Driver = Hex (.078)
Material = Brass

Sold Individually
1 Corby Bolt = (1 male + 1 female)