ATP-641 Anti Scale Coating

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ATP coatings are advanced, water-based, non-hazardous and cost-effective metal protection systems. They are formulated to protect metals and alloys from oxidizing or contamination atmospheres at high temperatures for extended times. The coatings prevent the diffusion of gases into and out of the metals. The water-based coatings are applied prior to heating for rolling, forging, hot extruding, annealing or other heat treatments.

Mixing Instructions: For best results, the coatings should be well suspended and mixed. Coatings supplied at viscosity which can be adjusted for most coating techniques and processes. The viscosity can be adjusted with water and electrolytes. Metal Preparation: Metal surfaces must be free of dirt, oil, grease and loose scale for best results. How to

Apply: The water based coatings can be sprayed with conventional, electrostatic or airless spray systems. May also be flow coated, dipped or brushed. Thickness: The proper thickness depends on the metal to be processed, time and temperature. Coating thickness is most important and must be controlled.

Drying: The coatings are water based and should be dried. They can be applied to preheated metal up to temperatures of 150-200 F. They can be air dried or dried in a drier. Special formulations will allow charging into furnace while the coating is still wet. The coating will dry to a hard finish with excellent green strength. This will minimize damage to the coating prior to entering the furnace.