Aogami (Blue paper #1) Hitachi Steel

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*Steel Cutting Note*

*Steel is sold by the foot*(EX: A quantity of 3 is for a single 3 foot bar.) we receive the bars in 3 foot lengths ( Please provide cutting instructions in the shopping cart left of the total price in the box "Special instructions for seller". Anything over 3 feet will cost extra for shipping and will be cut. If you do not provide specific cutting instructions and order more then 4 feet, bars will be cut in half. CPM steels will come in uncut 3 foot lengths if full bars are ordered (3,6,9 feet etc.) Example: An order quantity of 8 in 1095 .125"x 2" will result in four 2 foot bars. 7 foot order will have two 2 footers and a 3 footer. Please comment/ contact to change.*

Info about Aogami (Blue paper #1) from manufacturer. 

Aogami, or Blue Paper #1, is an excellent steel famous for its use in Japanese cutlery for years. Also known as Ao-Ko or Ao-ichi-ko it is a high carbon bearing (1.3%-1.4% C) exceptionally clean steel (P <=.025% / S <=.004%) that will do well in many edged tool applications . Many Japanese smiths and makers utilize it in custom cutlery and knives of all types. Known for its fine edge holding, ease of use and ability to hit an HRC of 65 while being simple to maintain. Be sure to either patina finished work or instruct your customers to do so.