52100 Steel

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*Steel Cutting Note*

*Steel is sold by the foot*(EX: A quantity of 3 is for a single 3 foot bar.) we receive the bars in 4 foot lengths (CPM steels are 3 foot) Please provide cutting instructions in the shopping cart left of the total price in the box "Special instructions for seller". Anything over 3 feet will cost extra for shipping and will be cut. If you do not provide specific cutting instructions and order more then 4 feet, bars will be cut in half. CPM steels will come in uncut 3 foot lengths if full bars are ordered (3,6,9 feet etc.) Example: An order quantity of 8 in 1095 .125"x 2" will result in four 2 foot bars. 7 foot order will have two 2 footers and a 3 footer. Please comment/ contact to change.*

Info about 52100 from manufacturer. 

"A chromium alloy steel traditionally used for bearings and other high-pressure applications, 52100 is excellent to use in forging, grinding, and cutlery production with a reputation for great toughness and durability on its own or forge-welded to other steels, such as 410 or 416.

Our 52100 comes pickled and annealed soft enough that it works like butter whether doing stock removal or forging. Few steels have as long a legacy or notoriety as 52100 when it comes to tough working steel.

Regardless if you’re looking to make a lean and mean kitchen machine or a hard use battle grade fighting blade, our 52100 is known as a champion steel in any arena and against any challenge.

As a deep hardening steel, 52100 offers all the benefits of high toughness and abrasion resistance while absorbing laughing off shock or taking a super fine edge in wicked thin knives.

And when it comes to clad materials, few steels are as readily accepted and recognized for the contrast and performance offered when used as a core steel.

It may be a little trickier to heat treat than more simple carbon steels like 1075, but when given the temperatures and soak times it needs, it will amaze you every time."

Heat treat info here.